With 4-legged friends

Gitav with your 4 legged friend!

Travelling with your pet means finding a village which allows you to bring animals and beaches where pets are allowed. Gitav has a wide range of offers, particularly focused on your "friend" with facilities and dedicated services.
Holiday Clubs which are Pet Friendly welcome your pet in the best comfort.

Agility dog course designed for your dog

A communicative experience fun and athletically useful!!

Dog Sitting & Dog Walker

Qualified staff who will walk him, feed him, cuddle him, true professionals who will also provide useful information on the education and training of your "special friends".

Dog training for owners

Who pay more attention to the health and well-being of their pet, large green areas dedicated, healthy eating and comprehensive veterinary care.

Discover our pet shop corner

Complete kits, and lots of new accessories for the care, feeding and games.

Bau Beach

Area activities and services, many opportunities for recreation and socializing, swimming competitions and mobility, fashion shows and much more.
The dog will only be accepted by providing a sanitary certification.

Your 4-legged friend with you on vacation!!

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