A language that is totally our own

As everyone knows, there are no real dialects in Tuscany, and this is true even of our beloved Maremma. And yet, everyone now and then, those we are talking to grimace with a confused look, asking us to repeat ourselves, other times we see our interlocutor burst into laughter, but in the end everyone enjoys the strange way we mangle our words. That’s precisely why we’ve decided to write a few of our most meaningful and cool…wait, we would say ganze (“badass”) words.

Obviously we would be more than happy to add other words, which are normal to us, but which you’ve really enjoyed, so we would love any suggestions!

Abbriccico: a pretty useless thing, junk, knick-knack, something created from pieces gathered from here and there
Bercio: a scream, a yell
Biasciare: chew, ruminate
Biccio: frame damage on your car
Billo: turkey
Boncitto: a good guy
Buzza or buzzo: belly
Cagna: weak, lazy, tired
Canaio: chaos, an uproar
Cannella: faucet
Capare: carefully select
Cencio: rag, typical Carnival dessert, Mardi Gras fritters
Ciacciare: a busybody, being nosey
Cianare: gossip
Cicca: cigarette
Cignale: wild boar
Citto: little boy
Cecce: make yourself comfortable, ex. ‘Mettiti a cecce’ = have a seat
Chiappare: take
Chiorba: head
Collo: an exclamation of wonder, ex. ‘That boat cost millions! –Collo!’
Conigliolo: rabbit
Di sguincio: go down the wrong way
Dodo (agg.): mushy, cheesy, ex. ’You’re so dodo’
Ganzo: fun, cool, original, badass
Garbare: to enjoy, to love ex. ‘Mi garba l’estate’ = I love summer.
Gnolare: cry, whine uselessly
Gnudo: naked
Inguastito: angry, irritated, offended
Inguattare: hide
Meglio! / Ma meglio!: an exclamation to respond strongly and negatively to a question, ex. ‘Are you coming to the beach today ? –Ma meglio!’ (Absolutely no!)
Marmato: really cold, freezing
Proda: the edge, ex. ‘stare alla proda della strada’ – on the edge of the road
Poventa: an area protected from the wind
Ricutinare: come ones hair, get ready to go out
Ruzza: play
Sodo: one who is slow on the uptake
Struffare: mess up ones hair
Strullo: silly
Tonfo: loud noise, thump, a fall. Ex, ‘Ho sentito un bel tonfo’ – I heard a loud thump ‘Ho fatto un bel tonfo’ – I fell really hard.
Troiaio: useless object, junk food
Ugnolo: toenail
Uscio: entrance

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