Cala Violina Beach

In this part of Italy, this is considered the most beautiful beach. The “Cala Violina” beach is located within the “Riserva Naturale delle Bandite” (a natural reserve) located at about 15km from the camping.

By car and via a dirt road which leads to a parking lot, it is possible to get at about 1.5km of distance from the beach. From there, it is possible to proceed only by foot, bicycle or on horseback.

The beach of “Cala Violina” is characterized by an extremely white sand and the pristine seawater. The name of the beach (“Cala Violina” can be translated as “Violins’ beach”) originates from the sound that the sand produces, when walked upon, which resembles the sounds of the violin. This peculiarity is a result of the unique chemical composition of the sand’s grains.

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