Cocktails in Riserva Marina

Close your eyes. Now, imagine a boat in the middle of a crystalline sea, the Sun slowly plunging into the water, offering a breath-taking sunset, the soft summer breeze caressing your skin…
This is the new location of the Maremma’s most original cocktail hours!

Off the cost of Riserva Marina, accompanied by an able sailor, you can enjoy your Prosecco that has been aged in the water.

Bottles of delicious Prosecco are left to rest on our sea’s floor. The soft motion of the waves, thanks to the constant temperatures and lack of light, allow for keeping the dregs produced from the long process of making it a sparkling wine suspended.

Usually the constant moving, in the wine cellar, takes place mechanically; here, it is substituted by a gentle rocking of the sea. The bottles, once recovered
and taken to the surface, have an original covering of marine sediments.

Departs from Talamone, and reservations are required.

Andrea +39 339.27.53.018

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