International Sculpture Symposium

From the creative minds of a diverse group of artists, in 2014 in Albinia small and modern town of Orbetello, was born the Valle dell’Albegna Contemporary Sculpture Symposium. An open-air laboratory in which 5 sculptors - Italian and non - create their works in front of the eyes of their spectators. One week, one block of stone, and one theme: the Maremma. The themes, different each year, represent our land, the Maremma’s peculiarity, its history, its people and its traditions. At the end of the Symposium, the works are placed in various places around town, thereby creating, in time, a downright open-air museum.

This year is the 4th edition of the Valle dell’Albegna Symposium, where again tradition will be matched with 5 new artists, who with their expert hands will transform simple stone block into downright works of art.

This occasion is also a different way to discover the Maremma, in a vast, natural area under a young pine forest where, you can also enjoy live concerts and laboratories for young and old, all to the beat of the chisels.

For the time being, the names of the international artists are not known, but we will make sure to keep you informed, not only as to their biography, but even about their stone choices, the theme and their artistic plans.

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