Maremma Natural Park

Maremma Natural Park, Tuscany

…A series of hills inaccessible and a primitive which descend towards the sea with its reefs and sandy beaches… surrounded by marshland, pine wood forests, tilled land and pastures.

Here and there ancient towers and religious buildings dot the land baring witness to the presence of man in a ancient times: the San Rabano Abbey, the Collelungo towers, the Cala di Forno cove and the Rivolta Tower of the Club Le Cannelle, the only one offering accommodation!

Entry to the three park itineraries departs from Talamone: T1 (Punta del Corvo) , T2 (Le Cannelle) and T3 (Poggio Raso).

It’s also possible to visit the Park by horse with an environmental equestrian guide. The tour departs from the Talamone Camping Village. The main entrance is at Alberese. It can be reached driving down the Aurelia state road towards Grosseto, exiting al Alberese. First go to the Park’s ticket office (during July and August get the early since entry is permitted to a limited number of people). The long Alberese beach is a must. The beach has fine, white sand and dunes line the coast and if ypu look beyond these you can see the Uccellina mountains. It’s the ideal place to take a walk on sand, far from the chaotic noisy life of beach front concessions. For sports lovers, some extremely interesting itineraries depart from here (A1, Abbazia di San Rabano, A2 Le Torri..)

Marinepark of the Tuscan Archipelago 

A story narrates that when the Tyrrhenian Venus emerged from the waters she lost seven pearls from her necklace which fell to the sea and were transformed into the Island of the Tuscan Archipalogo: Gorgano, Capraia, Elba, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri. The uniqueness of these pearls should be enjoyed any season of the year!

We are speaking of the largest protected area of European seas, a true paradise for scuba divers. Thr rocks are covered by many algae amongst which “the Brush of Neptune’s Beard,” only found at the Archipelago. You will also see the increasingly rare seahorse and red corals!

After less than an hour of navigation you can reach the Giglio and Giannutri Islands Where the blue waters and rocky reefs act as a backdrop to the primitive environment.
During navigation you might be accompanied by e few dolphins!

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