Wine Cellars dug out of Tuff

Every year, Pitigliano, Italy’s 4th most beautiful Maremma village, turns into an open-air party, the star of which is wine. For four days, 10 historic wine cellars throughout the town’s little streets, will open their majestic wooden doors to all those who love good wine and enjoy typical local food.
The event is scheduled for August and the beginning of September, from 6:00PM to 1:00AM.

The 10 wine cellars, I Banditi, Ciclista, Imperiale, La Sbornia, Mondiale, di Pantalla, Pistoni Roventi, San Giuseppe, Serpi Vecchi and Tribù del Vino, will propose roasted pork, sausages, beans, tomatoes, codfish and much much more …
There will be benches, stools and hay bales on every street in town, where you can sit and enjoy the specialties, sipping on a Ildebrando white wine or a good Vignamurata or Corano red.

No reservations are needed, the party is completely rooted in the town’s old traditions, so the only advice is come early and be patient, in the end, there’s a party to be had!

And remember, no drinking for the driver!

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