Yoga Retreat

Immersed in the Parco Naturale della Maremma, Agriturismo Biologico Club Le Cannelle is one of Tuscany’s very few farm holidays with a structure right on the seaside, and accesses to exclusive bays.

It is made up of a villa, an apartment, some chalets and a 16th Century Spanish Tower. It is an original example of a scattered hotel where the nature is the protagonist and the exceptional guests are HEALTH AND WELL-BEING...

Literally submerged in a pristine nature, by the aromas of the Mediterranean Scrub, the sound of the sea and the chirping of the birds, it is the ideal place to take a spiritual 360° path, focused on relaxation and meditation.

There are many paths that unwind throughout the natural reserve, which may be taken in order to get back in touch with nature and your very own spirit. There is also a restaurant offering their very own organic products, vegan and vegetarian menus, afternoon herbal teas and organic supplements.
Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, meditation...

in other words, this is the ideal place where nature’s colors, aromas and fruits are the perfectly companions for Eastern magic in a retreat dedicated to well-being.

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