The thousand facets of a place's history and nature

For those wanting to go on vacation in places yet untouched, a bit wild, spectacular glimpses, a beauty that erupts almost violently, itineraries between history and nature: it's the Maremma to welcome you.

In the footsteps of the Etruscans

Divided between Lazio and Tuscany, the Maremma is an ancient territory and rich in recollection. The Etruscan Rusel (Roselle) stands on a height in the hills of Montebrandoli in a strategic location from which the entire plain of Grosseto can be seen. The area is rich in settlements which date back to pre-history.
Today, Sovana is famous for the imposing necropolis from the Etruscan age, and for two of the most important tombs - the Ildebranda and that of the Siren. The Saturnia area has settlements that date back to the late Villanovian age. Saturnia, who many believe to be the first city of the Italic civilization, is famous more than anything for his hot springs and offers the chance for a unique, relaxing well-being vacation with hydro-massages under the cascades.

Sea and islands, coasts and beaches

The islands of Giglio and Giannutri are among the most beautiful to visit, while Cala Violina - one of the best known beaches - gets its name from the noise of the sand makes under your feet, tucked away between Punta Ala and Cala Martina, represents a unique pearl.
Talamone, where Giuseppe Garibaldi stopped to stay along the route which took him from Genova Quarto to Marsala, has a bay with a particular and little-known characteristic: its exposure to the northern winds - which renders it a paradise for sailing and particularly kite surfers. Castiglione della Pescaia, recently recognized as one of Italy's most beautiful waters, undoubtedly merits a visit even for its historic down town with its splendid 15th Century castle Pisano-Aragonese.

Nature, Art and Food

For nature lovers, excursions in the Maremma's natural park are a chance to immerse oneself in a fascinating territory, rich with extremely interesting native flora and fauna. The park extends across a surface of circa 98 kilometers, from the marshes of Trappola to Talamone. For lovers of art cities, there's Capalbio, Massa Marittima and Pitigliano - the "little Jerusalem" - with a truly magical atmosphere. Don't miss a trip through the areas cantina, to taste Massa Marittima's Montereggio , Pitigliano's white wine, Morellino di Scansano, or wines from the cantina of Grosseto's Cristo di Marina.

Resorts, campgrounds and hotels in Maremma

Club Gitav's numerous resorts, campgrounds and hotels represent a constellation of vacation opportunities in these unique places, rich with history and natural beauty, for those wanting to explore the Maremma of Tuscany as well as that of Lazio.
California Camping Village is part of Lazio's Maremma and is in Marina di Montalto (VT) very close to Vulci's Parco Archeologico; it is a very modern vacation oasis, in a pine forest on the sea with an exclusive beach.
Il Club degli Amici Camping Village is the other structure in Lazio where you can combine relaxation with privacy with a world class service.
Moving towards Tuscany's Maremma, why not spend your vacation at Talamone Camping Village, atop a hill immersed in the Parco Naturale della Maremma, with a private beach and swimming pool facing the bay between Talamone and Argentario?
Immersed in nature, Hotel Capo D'Uomo boasts, rather, of a splendid panoramic terrace which stares directly into the sea and and at Monte Argentario.
The Telamonio Hotel is ideal for those who love an atmosphere typical of villages, the seafaring customs and discovering the territory.
For lovers of tranquility and nature, the ideal place is the Agriturismo Club Le Cannelle, completely immersed in the Parco Naturale of Tuscany's Maremma.

Many splendid excursions in Maremma

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