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Kennelclub Events, Exhibitions, Meetings and Competitions
Dog days and Events

Gitav and four-legged friends: a hearty welcome!
Gitav pays special attention to our furry friends with dedicated facilities and services. Discover our Dog Village: Pet Friendly Club Resorts to accommodate your pets in the utmost comfort

Kennelclub Events, Exhibitions, Meetings and Competitions
Large green areas available to organizers.
Walkways, stages for shows, areas for the panel, adequate sanitation facilities, ample parking, dog agility, dog beach

Dog Days & Events
Six-legged days for dog-owner pairs dedicated to education, socializing and grooming your dog ...

Whatever Dog Event you would like to arrange ... at our Pet Friendly Gitav Resorts we guarantee a veritable Dog fest!

At the Club degli Amici of Pescia Romana, we hosted the event at sea with the S.I.C.S. TIRRENO lifeguard dogs

For information about availability and reservation please contact us at

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