GITAV in favor of Sustainability


Gitav in favor of Sustainability

This is a story of gratitude for a peculiar place that Mother Nature has been particularly kind with.

Talamone, a gem of rare beaty, is a small picturesque port born on wild cliffs overlooking the open sea, surrounded by a natural park on one side and crystal clear waters on the other.
The fascinating bay is windswept all year round and for this reason it is one of the most famous spots in Tuscany and in Italy to practice kite surf, windsurf and any other kind of water sports.
Its particular environmental characteristics are due to the presence of plant communities
- and fauna - earthlings and aquatic that make the ecological quality high, leading to
great psycho-physical benefits.

Even the sea is blooming

The 'prairie' of Posidonia, not an algae but an actual aquatic plant with roots, leaves and flowers, naturally protects our coast with the swinging of its leaves from the erosion resulting from strong winds and tides. It slows down the tidal motions just like a real barrier would.
Our precious green friend is a natural bioindicator of the excellent quality of water.
It only grows in healthy and uncontaminated ecosystems.
To consider with awareness the culture of the sea means loving it and understanding it and most of all treating it with the respect it deserves.
The underwater ecosystem - that is particularly dear to those that come to this area to practice snorkeling - it is populated by ancient plants and extraordinary creatures that operate synergically to sustain life.
Our Posidonia purifies the water producing incredible amounts of oxygen and protects the fauna hosting it among its leaves. It prospers protecting everything and everyone including the beach where we lay daydreaming kissed by the sun.

Nature gives us examples of unconditional love at every corner. By promoting this message we wish to contribute to strengthen the culture of love for the sea.

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