Talamone Camping Village is full of surprises!


This summer Talamone Camping Village is full of surprises!

Lots of activities dedicated to children and adults alike, organized in a unique and natural context, that will make your stay unforgettable!

Studium Maris Diving:  what better activity for this stretch of the spectacular Tuscan coastline than diving? At Talamone Camping Village you will get the opportunity to enroll in diving courses for any level of expertise, all with swimming pool tryouts and excursions around the bay of Talamone. You will be followed by experts and professionals and to top it all off you will also be able to find underwater photography courses and marine biology lessons.

Horseback Riding Vacation: If you haven’t tried horseback riding at least once in your life this might be a good time to start thinking about it. You can plan your first lessons, even for children, or a more romantic and relaxing ride along the beach. Our clients even get a special 10% discount on the horseback riding excursions inside Maremma Natural Park.

Creating with the sea: One of the most anticipated activities of this summer, dedicated to younger and older children. Through the use of recycled materials and objects like seashells and sticks kids will be able to let their imagination run free while crafting a different object every day!

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