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Great holidays with energy and dynamism! To keep fit or just to play and meet other athletes! Appointments to train, learn or get fit for the summer season!

Something more than just relaxing!!

Where will you go on your next adventure? Ride a wave, enjoy an underwater adventure a gust of wind or adventure underwater…

Welcome to Maremma/Argentario

A natural gym in the open air, a mix of sports, adventure, culture and exploration!
There are travelers who plan their trip around their favorite sport, there are those who prefer to devote time to physical activity only for a few days by hiking, mountain biking or snorkeling in the Tuscan archipelago, others decide that a trip is an opportunity to try a new extreme sport.
Gitav offers the ideal place to practice your favorite sports in a background of untouched nature.

Gitav provides a number of proposals for the organization of retreats

Camps and technical specialization, small and large events. Gitav offers the best sports facilities, accommodation and catering tailored to the needs of those who play sports, affordable prices and a friendly staff are at your disposal for any need.

Active Gitav multisport offer

You will find many different types of activities: basketball, scuba diving, tennis, football, aerobics and step, biking, swimming, gymnastics, beach volley, nature treks, yoga, windsurfing, kite surfing, canoeing... Whether you prefer water sports or other disciplines, subscribe to our camp!

Active Gitav events

A safe and valuable support to businesses, associations and federations, with logistics, accommodation, as well as services and relations with the territory. By partnering with corporations and businesses, the range of services we offer is very broad so we can respond to every single need.

We can provide logistics for cultural and technical meetings and conferences! Stay fit with gitav, even on vacation!

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