Agritourism Toscana

Pristine nature and traditional flavors

Green hills, cultivated fields, medieval towns: this is the beautiful landscape for those who choose to visit the inland Tuscany.
To enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the region, the best solution is to stay in one of the many agritourism in Tuscany.

The countryside in Tuscany is full of farms that have been transformed in agritourism, offering rustic but comfortable accommodations, in contact with the nature and near important cities to visit.
Wooded hills alternate with scented vineyards, build a perfect setting for the farms in the area.

In the heart of the Maremma Natural Park, where you only hear the music of the wind, where you rediscover the flavors and smells of the past, there is the Club Le Cannelle, ideal for those of you looking for a new dimension.
The Club Le Cannelle has a genuine Tuscan cooking, rich in flavor. A great cook will make meal times a delicious and satisfying appointments.

For lovers of life in contact with nature, for horse lovers, trekking or mountain bike lovers, a holiday farm in Tuscany is really a good choice!

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