Getting Married While Overlooking T

Let’s admit it, you start planning wedding when you’re a little girl. We dream of an enchanted place like that of beautiful, exciting fairy tales, which puts the spotlight on us, and that everyone can envy just a little.

Well, all of these things can be summed up with Hotel Capo d'Uomo, immersed in the nature of the town of Talamone, perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea, lulled by the gentle sound of the waves.

A unique location, a roundabout on the sea overlooking the Tuscan archipelago: the perfect setting for anyone wanting to wed while intoxicated by the sea breeze.

In the most intimate part of the garden, overlooking the limpid waters, you can place the altar decorated with magnificent flowers; the center aisle embroidered by colorful petals scattered across the lawn; the white seats adorned with small, exquisite bouquets. Facing the sea, with Giglio Island and the Argentario promontory in the distance, and the imposing Rocca di Talamone to the left.
A large, green space will be the ideal spot for cocktail hour.
Then it’s everyone to the terrace for the reception, furnished with round tables and shaded by a simple but elegant drape structure.

After lunch, or if you opt for the dinner hour, the real festivities can begin with plenty of good music and fun!

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