Your Theme Vacation

Il Gabbiano Camping Village, already one of the most requested vaction spots for families, has set up two theme apartments for children in the heart of its amazing pinewood.
The two themes that we picked for these hand painted masterpieces are Neverland, with pirates, parrots and vessels at sea and The Jungle Book, with the wild primeval forest, exotic animals and evocative statues. These works fo art have been realized by Edoardo Figara, contemporary artist.
The children, surrounded by this universe of creativity, will experience a truly unique and magical stay.

Our mission is to fill their young hearts with the love for nature and art, and to offer a vacation that is tailor made for the younger members of the families that choose to visit us every year, fulfilling their need for discovery and wonder.

At il Gabbiano Camping Village families can enjoy every comfort, the attention and care of hospitality professionals and the entertainment for children and adults alike.

This is a place for parents who can relax knowing that their kids are enjoying their time with activities that are always different while in the capable hands of our staff

Cottage Neverland

Neverland is the nest where to feel eternally young, just like Peter Pan. Sailing along with Captain Hook, daydreaming staring at the clouds painted on the ceiling. "Only the dreamer can fly"!

Jungle Cottage

A suggestive tropical forest, inhabited by wild animals and guarded by ancient statues. A lively and evocative environment thought for young explorers who can enjoy the wonders and the misteries of the jungle.

In the accommodations everything is geared to let the fantasy of the children run wild, in a colorful environment, full of creative and positive energy which continues even outside, whent he greenery of the pinewood becomes the backdrop for this unique and unforgettable experience.

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