Hotel in Venezia

Sea, sports and cultural events

Staying in a Hotel in Venice is the best way to visit the romantic city par excellence, where modern and contemporary art meet each other.
Staying in a Hotel in Venice means to live the magic of a jump into the past.

Venice is a beautiful city all year long, but there are some particular events that attract tourists from all over the world.
First of all, the famous Carnival of Venice, that transforms the city in a setting for a big party, but also the Venice Biennale, that every year promotes the new contemporary art trends, or the Regata Storica that offers an unforgettable show on the waters of the Canal Grande.
During these periods, all the hotels of the City are full of tourists that come from every nation.

To discover every corner of the city, to live its pleasant atmosphere, the best solution is staying in an historical home, such as the Hotel Venezia 2000, that offers from its terrace a wonderful view, from the Bacino di San Marco to the open sea.

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