Digital Detox Vacation


Remember when we used to taste our meal with the only company of the person sitting in front of us? Without the 9000 followers as an audience.
Ignore the e-mails, the whatsapp groups, the work chat, and leave relatives and friends on hold for a couple of days.

Regain control of your senses: enjoy the colors, the smells all around you, the feeling of the breeze on your skin, the taste of the authentic local cuisine, and dive in the crystal clear waters of Le Cannelle

What does Digital Detox really mean?
It's the chance to take a break, short but sometimes needed, from the struggle of keeping up with the dipendency that the internet and the social media create.
It is a chance to distance yourself from the negative aspects of the technological advancement mankind has reached, to unlearn and re-evaluate the approach towards this kind of dipendency.
We can learn to be mindful of the time we spend with others and with ourselves and to be conscious of the experiences we live. This is what digital detox is meant to be.

How does it work?
Put is simply, turn off your mobile devices and take a break from using them.

Where to start
• First off you need motivation. Nothing will come out of it unless you make a decision. This is the chance to make that decision, to have some time on your own, to spend time with your loved one, to take your four legged friend on vacation, to be alone with your closest friends
• Establish how long your vacation willbe: you can start with a weekend
• Put your analog life on a schedule: a long walk, a day at the beach, a good meal...
• Chose a place that will allow you to find your inner balance

Fill your schedule with experiences that will tickle your senses is the only way to avoid the temptation


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