Enjoy your safety


Public areas: Cleaning and sanitizing

After each guest, all accommodations are sanitized and ventilated. Our cleaning products are certified for sanitization. These products are either alcohol or chlorine based. The use of special sanitary equipment, certified and registered with the ministry of Health, guarantees Further sanitation .

Cleaning of air conditioning systems

We have maximised both the inflow of external air and the frequency of filter cleaning using appropriate disinfectants.

 Personal Protection Equipment for guests and staff

We have provided our staff with specific PPE equipment while guests can take advantage of tools like “Gitav Be Safe Totem” (Gel Dispenser) which are located in various public areas of the camp.

Reorganization of common areas

We have installed special signs that will help the guest maintain the distance of 1 mt as well as  to follow the rules against contact while recurring the paths to enter and exit the common areas. Receptions and checkout points are equipped with physical barriers.

Catering and Market

We ensure interpersonal distancing within our restaurants and markets and we offer the possibility of taking advantage of takeaway services.

Beach and swimming pool

We have installed the parasols following government regulations aimed at ensuring distancing between people

The cleaning of the sunbeds and any equipment will be carried out with pressure sprayers charged with disinfectant product.

Staff training

We have informed and trained all staff on the new procedures, standards of service and equipment required by the Security Protocol.

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